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Updated: Jun 11

There is obvious and unusual evidence of control that oversees the world around us. Depending on personality types, we identify different ways to articulate and ultimately demonstrate it. We watch movies, read books, biographies, admire creation, and study the human mind to understand how to “control” control. Or perhaps, more elaborately, power. How do you control power? 

Then, ever so silently, as we grow, our ability to control situations, people and things starts to change. Leading us to a place where we just have to control some(thing)…and we do. We manipulate the miniature worlds around us, coworkers, subordinates, children, and mates to paint a picture of power that gives us a sense of control. I have been this. I know this. I have both denied and experienced this. I have made attempts to harness the winds of change to soften its impact on those working honestly. I have used my own obsession with control for good….as defined by me. 

After overstaying my welcome at an organization that I loved like the innocence of my youth, from a place of angst, and an assumed altruistic objective…I learned to let it go. All of it. The places, the memories, the people, the feelings, the disagreements, the grievances, the doubts and the failures.

Every (one) fails, every (person) grieves, doubt is illusory, sometimes no (one) agrees, feelings are fleeting, people come and go, memories are replaced, and places tarnish. Take care of you. The amount of energy it takes to control some (thing), (one), or (outcomes)... is air back into your lungs and wind beneath your feet.   

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