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Our Metamorphosis (Our Why).

The manifestation of the work of Debrasha Greye is based on a passion for quality programming, representation and connection for young children. As a product of Milwaukee's arts community, we understand firsthand the full impact of an arts education, however brief, on the mind of a child. Our collective experience in nonprofits has given wings to our understanding of the value of quality programming and organizational structure that effects the next generation of leaders. All too often, though, the programming suffers as a result of the perpetual struggles of managing a business take air. How different could our programming be if we had the "extra set of hands" we needed to complete a task? Enter Debrasha Greye. 

Much like the butterfly effect, we believe that by shifting our perspective or our approach to work through just one lens, we can improve participant engagement, organizational growth and by extension, revenue. 

Our vision is to inspire and empower arts organizations and nonprofits,

through administrative and artistic support, to continue developing

pathways for the success of the next generation of leaders. 

WoLF Studios Summer Dance Residency August 2022

"Thoughtful and inspirational, Debrasha Greye has a way of getting the most reluctant of students to find their unique voice in the Arts."
Wanyah Leon Frazier, WoLF Studios MKE
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