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Debrasha Greye

More than a dancer. Debrasha is a bilingual advanced operational specialist and artistic visionary. In addition to her experience as an administrator of financial and human resource-related procedures specifically in the Non Profit sector, she has also established her professional reputation as a highly sought-after dance instructor & performing artist. She remains connected to her artistic roots and an amazing network of community-based organizations. Debrasha’s own creativity is fueled by her personal investment and service to the arts community.

Meet Your "Get It Done" Team

Our work is both administrative and creative.  An intimate team of four minds with a driving passion for accomplishing tasks with Excellence. Our collective experience in nonprofits and Corporate America has given wings to our understanding of the value of quality programming and organizational structure that affects the next generation of leaders.

We look forward to working with you on your vision!

Debrasha Greye, LLC partners with WoLF Studios MKE.

                                          Since 2019

Honorable Mention, S.J.

The vision is impossible without your daily support.

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