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I'm excited to be working with you!

MISSION: To establish a consistent platform for inspirational dance and a pipeline to national and international professional dance companies.

DESCRIPTION: INSPIRE is a fusion-based dance collective that promotes excellence and diversity in the IN THE field of dance. This collective is intended to motivate and inspire dancers from all backgrounds to pursue pre-professional and professional careers in dance.

Artist Timeline

Rehearsal Address: - 

Rehearsal Time:   

May 2024- June 2024

July 2024 

August 2024

Rehearsals Begin 

Rehearsals Continue 

First Summer Event 

September 2024

Rehearsals Continue 

Second Summer Event 

Rehearsals Continue 

Fall Showcase

October 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is my first rehearsal? 

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Q. Who's the Choreographer for my pieces?


Q. When is the next payment scheduled?


Q. When is the first performance? 


Q. -

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